Ground Breakers: Catherine McGuinness

Ground Breakers: Catherine McGuinness is an insight into the life and work of Former Supreme Court Catherine McGuinness.   Ground Breakers: Catherine McGuinness,  Is a part of a series of three documentaries, each […]

Ground Breakers: The Troublesome Nun

The Troublesome Nun is a new radio documentary on the life and times of Margaret MacCurtain, a Dominican Sister whose lifelong determination to write women into mainstream Irish history changed […]

From Potatoes to Tacos: How Mexican Food is Making Waves in Ireland. Episode 1

We speak to Dr Susan Flavin, Associate Professor of History at Trinity College Dublin. Susan takes us back in time to the 16th and 17th centuries in Ireland to reveal an […]

Welcome To Curious Broadcast

Welcome to Curious Broadcast. I am privileged that my work as a documentary maker provides a space for me to be creative, to craft audio stories. Each story I tell has been gifted from another. The people I have met through my documentaries have shared with me their passions, knowledge, insights and intellect. Each time I have made a documentary, I have also been given another story, a small nugget that has got me curious. The older I get, the more I believe, that staying curious is the best things we can do for our minds, so thank you for all those that have allowed me to stay curious. – Patricia Baker

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