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Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet Bitter Sweet tells the story of native Irish apples.  How they have existed in Ireland for thousands of years. How they once flourished and then were destroyed and now through the work of a handful of individuals have begun […]

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet tells the story of the native Irish apple collection, the destruction of our native orchards,  and the forward looking individuals who worked tirelessly to preserve what remains.  Bitter Sweet is funded through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with […]

bowl of cherries

A Taste of Two Cities

Taste of Two Cities is to be broadcast on Newstalk 106 -108 FM this Sunday 22nd April at 7am and repeated again on Saturday 28th April at 9pm. A Taste of Two Cities is a foraging walk through Belfast and Dublin with two […]

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Another Way  

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Keeping Time

Keeping Time

Curious Broadcast’s latest documentary will broadcast on Newstalk 106-108 FM, Easter Saturday 15th April at 10 pm, Easter Sunday 16th April at 8 am and  Easter Monday 17th at  6 pm.  Keeping Time tells the story of Ireland’s unique way […]

high treason

Law Lines Law Lines  is a Curious Broadcast production, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with the Television License Fee. Law Lines is the story of courtroom artists, who are the public’s eyes for some of the most important moments […]

Marching On Marching On is the story of the restoration of Richmond Barracks, a Dublin City Council Community Partnership project for the 1916 centenary. Marching On follows this project that commemorates the heritage of Richmond Barracks as the lost chapter of […]

Shanbogh Cemetary

Our Unquiet Dead This is the story of unmarked grave in Co Kilkenny rumoured to be that of a British solider who was killed during the War of Independence. Our Unquiet Dead recounts a journey to uncover that story whilst reflecting on the […]

broadcasting A Rising

Broadcasting A Rising to air on Newstalk Easter Monday 28th at 3:30pm

This is the story of one of the world’s first broadcasts which occurred during the 1916 Easter Rising.