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Listen to Counter Points Wednesday and Saturday @ 9pm

This week’s show moves from Morocco to Dublin, but taking in Central African Republic, Norway, Southern India, Sweden, Polynesia along the way. We have also included music by Giacinto Scelsi, Dublin-based composer Tony Doyle, and even soe pop music by […]


Dot-dash-diss: The gentleman hacker’s 1903 lulz

A great story about the first instance of hacking over on by Paul Marks   A century ago, one of the world’s first hackers used Morse code insults to disrupt a public demo of Marconi’s wireless telegraph   LATE […]


Radio Readings on Thursday and Friday at 20.30

free103point9’s contribution to the Radia network comes from a fundraiser for its FM station, WGXC, last summer, with “Radio Readings” from Max Goldfarb and Brian Dewan, Alison Knowles  and Hugh Dancy. The readings, in order of appearance: • Artists Max […]

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Counter Points explores new Irish and international musical delights – tonight at 8pm

This week’s Counter Points includes music from new albums by the Brittany Haas and Dan Trueman Band, and the French musique-noir group The Dale Cooper Quartet, some guitar music from Cuba and back to our very own Dublin Guitar Quartet. We also […]

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Counter Points explores the music of Cage,Feldman and Ligeti tonight at 9pm on our live stream

This week’s show includes music from American composers John Cage, Morton Feldman, Steve Reich as well as vocal music by Ligeti and Stockhausen. Also in there is new music by Ed Bennet, Eithne Ní Chathain, Cian Nugent and The Molecules. […]


Happy World Radio Day!!

Happy World radio day folks. We here at Curious Towers shall be raising our new Curious coffee mugs aloft to toast the medium that brings us together. Check out the World radio day site for more information. The World Radio […]


Oramic Radio Sounds by TEA FM Tonight 8.15pm and Saturday 8pm

The School of Creative Radio TEA FM from Zaragoza has developed a new radio documentary based on the works and sounds made by Daphne Oram (Dec 31th 1923 – Jan 5th 2003) British composer and electronic musician. She was the […]

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Counter Points Wednesday and Saturday 8/02/2011

From Planxty to the Appalachian Mountains, through Argentina, Brasil, Norway and post-war German ‘krautrock’. This week’s Counter Points features new music by Brittany Haas and Dan Trueman, Etelka Nyilasi’s ‘The Acoustics’ and a recent Irish PhD graduate in composition, Peter […]