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Gman presents: Anything You Can Do….June 2012 edition

After much messin’ around on the part of CB we finally got around to posting the June edition of Anything You Can Do… presented by The Mighty Gman from down Leeside (that’s Cork to non natives). G man is on […]


DRIFT: New work by artist Mark Garry

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Garry, a Dublin based artist whose work I highly regard and his listening room sessions I hope to someday get the opportunity to attend. During the course of our conversation Mark told me about a […]


Radia: Sound within Sound

Radio is created where radio is listened to. Ckut’s Andrea Jane Cornell takes the listener out of conventional listening spaces and ways of thinking about hearing and listening. Using an on air broadcasting studio with its equipment as a complex […]


Radia: Digging Radio by Orange

Yet another annoying piece of radio art? In the beginning there was the paraphrase. Starting from the search for radio art events to be reproduced we ended up looking into landmarks of radio history in connection with art– hopping from […]

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Radia: Voxpop by XL AIR

This XL AIR production consists of a remix radio composition that builds on material used in RITS installations that were created for Bozar Night in November 2011. They both embrace the human voice as a musical instrument.   The first […]

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Radia: Drivetime by Ed Baxter

Drivetime. Anchor: Chris Dixon. Newsreader: Will Luscombe. Music: Xentos Fray Bentos. Written and directed by Ed Baxter. [Warning: this show contains themes which some listeners may find distressing.]