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AbandonReason 5 cover

Abandon Reason #5

Abandon Reason Episode 5 features a brace of “straightforward” song recordings – the first is a recording of the Yawning Chasm song “Your Blue Blue Blue Blue Eyes are Killing Me”. This recording (from 2010) is the very first time […]

AR Episode 4 pic

Abandon Reason #4

Abandon Reason Episode 4 features two new contributors – the first is Kate Glavey, who released the spookily beautiful album “In Winter” last year. Two of the songs on the album contain some little snippets of recordings made in the […]


Rural Savage and The Depravations present HWCH #10

For the final Hard Working Class Heroes 10 anniversary podcast Rural Savage & The Depravations bring their unique styles, attitudes, accents and odours to Curious Broadcast for the first time. From the Flirt FM studios on the banks of the […]


Bouts Present HWCH #9

The penultimate HWCH show was recorded on a cold Monday night in Curious studios. The Bouts lads came in and reminisced about the last ten years of Irish independent music. For some reason this made me think of late night […]


Aoife Barry Presents HWCH #8

Journalist and 2xm radio supremo Aoife Barry steps out from behind the Sweet Oblivion microphone and joins up with Curious Broadcast for this very special show. Aoife looks back at the last ten years in Irish music and talks with […]


Skirmish Bloggers Present HWCH #7

Number 7 in the Hard Working Class Heroes 10th birthday celebrations shows are the Skirmish bloggers from Cork. A very electronic affair tonight the girls are on point with tunes by Katie Kim, Sunken Foal, Finster and Karman Line to […]


Dudley Thumped presents HWCH #6

In tonights show nominated 2xm heavy hitter, ‘underling’ and the man behind the Dudley Corporation – Dudley Colley to step up and show us how it’s done. Sounding like a true pro Dudley delivers sucker punches right to […]

car park ticket (Large)

Declan Kelly presents Abandon Reason Episodes 2 & 3

The second and third editions of Abandon Reason are now available to stream on demand. Our legal team had to clear the reverberations with the builders of the carpark hence the delay. More lush soundscapes from a disused carpark space […]


Vier Rhythm Weekender 18th, 19th, 20th October

Last night marked the begining of Choice Cuts – Beck’s Rhythm Weekender the lads curated  a free exhibition of the works of Mati Klarwein in Filmbase, Temple Bar. Free beer, free wine and a very cool collection of pics, not to […]


Harmless Noise vs New Noise Present HWCH #5

Two of the diva’s of the independent Irish music scene rocked up to the CB mothership recently and had their entourage, made up of the very friendly Croupier, in toe. Smokin’ cuban’s and swillin’ Remy like it was tea Niamh […]