To Radio With Love

To Radio With Love is a radio documentary which consists of a series of audio letters, a love letter if you will, written and then read out over the air by a diverse group of individuals ranging from radio presenters, development workers, and slum radio practitioners, to civil rights activists, artists and a poet. These audio letters tell the story of how radio helps build communities, gives a voice to local people, and shapes modern culture. A soundtrack of iconic radio broadcasts from around the globe accompanies the letters. The contributors on To Radio With Love are: Joe Duffy, Jane Rodgers, Keith Somerville, Rosemary Day, Pat Herbert, Tole Nyatta, Simon Maher, Theo Dorgan, Míchéal O’Muircheartaigh, Margaretta D’Arcy and Knut Aufermann.

First Broadcast: 8th Feburary 2014

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  1. Paul Hulm

    Very interesting broadcast.I really enjoyed listening to this!Radio was the sound track to my life growing up in the 70’s.We would buy old fashioned radio’s in second hand shops and listen to Radio Caroline;Luxembourg and foreign stations too.

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